ChessUp returns to ABC's Shark Tank

ChessUp returns to ABC's Shark Tank

ChessUp is back on the air with Shark Tank! The AI-powered smart chessboard will be featured on a Shark Tank re-run this Friday, February 17th at 9 PM Eastern time.

On a recent episode of ABC's popular show, "Shark Tank", founders Jeff Wight and Adam Roush presented their innovative AI-powered chess board, ChessUp. The product, which combines traditional chess play with the power of artificial intelligence, quickly caught the attention of the "sharks".

During their pitch, Jeff and Adam demonstrated how ChessUp works, showcasing its various features such as the AI-powered moves, real-time analysis, and more. The sharks were thoroughly impressed with the product, with many of them expressing amazement at how seamlessly the technology had been integrated into the classic game of chess.

One shark in particular, Lori Greiner, was particularly drawn to ChessUp, expressing her excitement about the product and the potential it held. Lori, who is known for investing in products that she sees as having real potential, was impressed with Jeff and Adam's passion and dedication to their product, and their clear vision for its future.

After some discussion and negotiation, Lori ultimately decided to invest in ChessUp, stating that she believed in the product and the team behind it. Jeff and Adam, who had come on the show with the goal of securing investment and getting their product in front of a wider audience, were overjoyed at Lori's decision to invest.

In the months since appearing on "Shark Tank", ChessUp has continued to garner attention, with many chess enthusiasts and technology enthusiasts alike expressing their excitement about the product. Jeff, Adam and the ChessUp team, have continued to develop and improve ChessUp, taking it to new heights and bringing chess into the 21st century.

Jeff and Adam's appearance on "Shark Tank" was a major turning point for their company, and demonstrated the potential that their AI-powered chess board, ChessUp, holds. With the support of shark Lori Greiner, they are well on their way to making their vision a reality, and revolutionizing the world of chess as we know it.

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