March Updates

ChessUp March Update

Hi Pre-Order Customers,

This is the March update for ChessUp.  Last month's February update is here.


The Schedule

Hundreds of rooks ready for felt.

All components of ChessUp are nearing completion and in April we will be starting final assembly.

May 2022 - The first production batch of ChessUp will be complete.  We will begin the fulfillment process immediately following completion.  We had a 1-week delay this month due to COVID lockdowns affecting our factory.  The factory is now re-opened and production has resumed.

Please understand that there are many steps along the way with international freight.

The complete steps are: 

  • (1) Load at factory and deliver by truck to the export port
  • (2) Clear export customs
  • (3) Unload from truck and prepare shipping container
  • (4) Container loaded at the port onto ocean freighter
  • (5) Transit to destination
  • (6) Unloading container at port of import
  • (7) Clear import customs
  • (8) Loaded on truck, bulk freight to warehouse
  • (9) Arrive and unload at warehouse
  • (10) Pick, pack and label for final mile delivery
  • (11) Final mile courier

We list all of those, because people will naturally want to know "when will it be on my porch?".  Which is an understandable question.  What we will do is provide updates at each step (1) - (9) from above.  When we get to step (10) - you will receive individual contact from us with tracking info.  Only then will we have a precise "porch date" for your ChessUp.

We are expecting a lot of deliveries in May with some in June.  That is as precise as we can be at the moment.  If you need to update your address at any point - or need any type of support - please email us


Software Schedule

The best way to catch updates on features is to subscribe to our YouTube channel.  Recently we demonstrated OTB blitz with auto-clock.  This week we will release some integration demonstrations.

Work is in progress on the game records and analysis tool.  We will also be implementing the first of the ChessUp Academy lessons in April.  ChessUp Academy features lessons on our app that integrate with the board and lights.  We will continue to add lesson features through 2022.  As a reminder all app features are free for pre-order customers (including analysis and lessons).



As always, you can reach us through  Please reach out if we can help in any way.

Thank you!

Bryght Labs