iOS App Release Notes

Version 1.1.6 (02/20/2023)

  1. Implemented communicating Assistance level change during remote games on the ChessUp Platform
  2. Removed access to opponent's assistance control during a ChessUp remote game
  3. Fixed board performing an AI switch during a remote OTB game
  4. Improved activity items in Activity ViewController
  5. Corrected PGN result string
  6. Implemented API call for retrieving only completed games for an Authed user
  7. Fixed a castling issue
  8. Fixed a bug related to Reviewing games in black point of view

Version 1.1.5 (01/15/2023)

  1. Improved LiChess quick pairing for random games (works for time formats 10|0, 10|5, 15|10, 30|0, 30|20 and must also select random color option)
  2. Fixed PGN errors
  3. Fixed issue with revisiting saved AI games with Black POV
  4. Fixed erroneous sending of game settings to the board after clicking the host avatar in a live game
  5. Fixed Lichess friends not showing under opponents
  6. Fixed Promotion bug encountered on remote ChessUp games
  7. Fixed sync to board for AI and OTB games
  8. Other minor bug fixes

Version 1.1.4 (01/03/2023)

  1. Improved Battery Level Display in the App
  2. Fixed issue with loading fen string with a black point of view
  3. Implemented Rewind and Fast forward for Game Review
  4. Included download button for PGNs export
  5. Included clipboard access for PGNs
  6. Fixed issue with OTB Remote Game Play
  7. Implemented dialogue for transferring an uncompleted game to the board

Version 1.1.3

  1. Include more LiChess TimeVariants (10_0, 10_5, 30_20)
  2. Fixed ChessUp Platform random play
  3. Fixed ChessUp Platform online play
  4. Show Opponent rating during Live Game (LiChess)
  5. Pull User LiChess Blitz and Rapid rating from LiChess
  6. Use Users rating to choose appropriate LiChess Opponents
  7. Pull User LiChess friends from LiChess to use for direct challenge games (log out and log back in required to see friends)
  8. Added a general settings field in the settings view
  9. Add ALS control in general settings
  10. Add LiChess Rating control in general settings
  11. Implemented PGN Export
  12. Corrected password instructions on onboarding
  13. Fixed Apple Login issue

Version 1.1.2

  1. Fixed an issue with navigating backwards in the game review mode where it wouldn't go back past a certain point.
  2. Fixed a crash that occurred while reviewing ended games.
  3. Fixed a crash that originated from playing lessons.
  4. Implemented exiting review mode and crystal ball by making a move on the board.
  5. Fixed an issue where duplicate accounts were being created.
  6. Implemented color assistance for remote ChessUp games in the ChessUp community.
  7. Allow for users to delete accounts.
  8. Show the timer color for a remote Lichess Game.
  9. Fix Lichess issue with failed resignation and ghost games.
  10. Fix wrong color assistance during OTB remote games.
  11. General UI/UX bugs.