February Updates

February Updates

Hi Pre-Order Customers,

We are sharing our monthly updates from kickstarter with you here.  This is the February update.  Last month's January update is here




Very quick update for you this month.  It was a great month.  Before the factory went on break for Lunar New Year they sent us several of the early production units for us to inspect and verify.   The ChessUp units look great.   The pieces look and handle awesome.  Packaging overall was excellent aside from a minor issue with the interior of the packaging.  The thermo-formed tray that fits and holds the ChessUp board fit a little too tight around the board.  That tight fit issue is easily addressed and will be fixed moving forward. 

Backers have been asking for videos of the app, remote play,  clock function, board top colors - so we wrapped it all into this video below:



We will also continue to publish demonstrations of features to our YouTube channel. 

Short and sweet this month.  Once the factory returns after the holiday break, production should resume as scheduled.  In March there will be a lot more to cover as we get closer to fulfillment.  As always, you can reach us info@bryghtlabs.com for any support needed.

Bryght Labs

Testing the stack of factory units.  3+2 blitz has become the official office time format.

Factory Unit Testing