Android App Release Notes

Version 1.1.7b

  1. This is a beta release for Android 10 support.
  2. Fixed a issue where resignations from opponents on Lichess never made it to the ChessUp app.

Version 1.1.7

  1. Improved LiChess experience
  2. Fixes for Game History
  3. Fixes for reviewing a live game
  4. Fixes for OTB hints

Version 1.1.6

  1. Fix wrong Image and Name when Play remote LiChess Opponent
  2. Fix Cycle Play for completed Games
  3. Fix stream interuption during LiChess Games Improve Clock synchronization during LiChess Games
  4. Fix when Clock Starts during LiChess Games
  5. Fix Not being able to exit a concluded remote Game
  6. Fixed BLE reconnection behaviour in NewGame Activity
  7. Fixed New Game Activity behavior when OTB is selected with no BLE

Version 1.1.5

  1. Improved BLE connectivity
  2. Fix crash issues on BLE connection
  3. Improved firmware update so that it does not stall at 100%
  4. Several Major improvements to Lichess including a bug that prevented a game from being started.
  5. Password Recovery
  6. UX improvements
    1. Improved Chess Board Appearance
    2. Corrected misplaced game alerts (i.e Draws, Resignations)
    3. Fixed Logging Out