ChessUp founders Jeff and Adam on stage at the Shark Tank!

ChessUp on Shark Tank!

ChessUp, the innovative company behind the world's first smart, AI-powered chess board, recently made a splash on the hit TV show "Shark Tank." The company, founded by a group of chess enthusiasts and tech experts, aims to revolutionize the way people play and learn chess by combining the timeless game with cutting-edge artificial intelligence.

During their appearance on "Shark Tank," the ChessUp team wowed the panel of investors with a demonstration of their AI-powered chess board in action. The board, which can be connected to the internet or used offline, uses advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze each player's moves in real-time and provide personalized coaching and advice.

But ChessUp's smart chess board isn't just for experienced players looking to improve their game. It's also an excellent learning tool for beginners, with built-in tutorials and interactive lessons that help users learn the rules and strategies of chess.

In addition to its AI capabilities, the ChessUp chess board is also a visually stunning piece of technology. The board itself is made of high-quality materials with weighted pieces that use a patented technology and are expertly crafted.

After a highly impressive pitch, the ChessUp team was able to secure an investment from one of the "Shark Tank" investors, accelerating their plans to drive awareness of this revolutionary chess board.

The ChessUp smart chess board changes the way people play and learn chess, and we're exited to share this news with you!

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